About us

Bjerkén Hynell consists of a merger of the two Swedish intellectual property firms Bjerkéns and Hynell. Welcome to us!

We are Bjerkén Hynell

Bjerkén Hynell consists of a merger of the two classic Swedish intellectual property firms Bjerkéns Patentbyrå and Hynell Intectuall Property (formerly Hynell Patenttjänst), who together have been active as IP counsels in Sweden for a period of approximately 110 years. Through our collective experience, our technical expertise and our vast legal knowledge we may offer our clients assistance within the entire field of intellectual property.

Everything IP

We assist companies of all sizes and inventors in protecting, managing and defending their intellectual properties in the form of patents, trademarks and designs all over the world – for competitive prices.

We also help our client regarding copyright, domain names, disputes and infringements, as well as everything within the field of IP agreements.

Technical competence

The patent attorneys at Bjerkén Hynell are experts within many technical areas, such as mechanics, energy technology, vehicle technology, chemistry, medical technology, electronics, telecommunications and software. Regardless of technical area, we may assist you.

Legal expertise

Through our shared legal expertise, the attorneys at Bjerkén Hynell can effectively defend the rights of our clients and act against competitors and counterfeiters that infringe on the client’s rights. Bjerkén Hynell have vast experience in managing disputes, both within and outside of court, and acting as representatives in opposition and invalidation procedures.

Personal connection

Our ambition at Bjerkén Hynell is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. When you choose us as your representative, our goal is to create a personal relation between you and your attorneys, who will learn to know you, your business and its products and services.

Do you want to know how Bjerkén Hynell may assist you? Contact us today.

Are you our new employee?

Are you a driven, curious and knowledgeable person? We may offer you flexible and varied work with good benefits, regardless if you are a patent attorney, an attorney at law or a paralegal.
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