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We help you register your domain name so that you can effectively market your company, products or services on the Internet.

Domain names – secure your domain

It is important for many companies to register their domain names in order to effectively be able to market their goods and services on the Internet. While domain names do not provide legal exclusivity to a name as a trademark does, it is still vital to secure your domain names so that other actors cannot claim them.

Secure your name on the Internet

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Our services in domain management

Bjerkén Hynell has extensive experience in managing domain name matters and helping clients with:

  • registering your domain names, both within and outside Sweden and the EU,
  • searching for available domain names,
  • domain name watching,
  • domain name renewals,
  • creating strategies for domain name management and registration,
  • acting in legal disputes regarding domain names,
  • registering domain names as trademarks.

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