Infringements and disputes

Bjerkén Hynell have the legal expertise and experience necessary for handling all types of disputes and infringements related to intellectual property.

Is there a free ride on your brand?

Disputes - we help you all the way

Intellectual property disputes can arise for various reasons and can arise both before and after registration of a right. The disputes may concern infringement issues, piracy or declarations of invalidity / objections. Regardless of the dispute, however, Bjerkén Hynell can, through our experience and expertise, represent our clients and defend their rights and interests, both outside and in court.

We assist our clients in:
  • assessing infringements,
  • handling all types of IP infringements, such as trademark, patent, design or copyright infringements;
  • creating strategies against and combating counterfeiting,
  • defending their exclusive rights, for example through drafting cease-and-desist letters,
  • dealing with any legal conflicts in a court of law,
  • managing infringements and disputes internationally through our extensive network of IP contacts.

Do you have an IP dispute? We assist you the whole way.

Marketing and competition law

We may also assist our clients in matters that concern marketing law, such as if someone uses deceptive marketing or deceptive imitations of your products, in addition to matters relating to competition law, such as unlawful spread of company/trade secrets.

Has your design suddenly traveled abroad without you?

Do you want help with an intellectual property dispute?

Our attorneys and litigators will help you handle intellectual property disputes and infringements of all types.
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